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Welcome to the all new (James House Ltd.) site. We hope this more streamlined version will help you find your way about our site as you learn more about who, what, why etc. we are & how we might help you today. And it should make clear that we are not your atypical non-profit organization as who we are & what we do certainly does not fit into a "10 words or less" sentence. Each of the Tabs on the Navigation Bar above can take you to various pages of interest or to a drop down menu &/or click-able images with like or related topics. Please let us know (​) if you experience any difficulties with the site or have any questions not answered herein. In some cases, it may necessary to copy/paste an e-mail address into your e-mail browser in order to contact us as different servers & formats seem to work differently. We do appologize for any html difficulties where such occurs. ALSO: Please find us in Social Media as per the links below. AND if you shop, please contact us about the AmazonSmile program and we shall happily send the link so that a % of your purchase is donated (by Amazon) to P2E/JH by selecting our legal registered name James House Ltd. in the drop down menu they provide there on their site). Thanks Much.

Be safe & be well - Team P2E/JH.